Portuguese swimmers Miguel Arrobas and Nuno Vicente appointed as Ambassadors of the オプショナルツアー ドルフィン Year of the Dolphin

Olympic swimmer Miguel Arrobas and Nuno Vicente dedicated their crossing starting from the island of Berlenga Farilhoes to Peniche, to the cause of dolphin conservation.

Turbulent sea conditions made thecrossing much more difficult and challenging to the swimmers. Defying the waves,Nuno Vicente and Miguel Arrobas arrived after swimming for seven hours inAtlantic waters of only 13 C.

Enthusiastic supporters celebrated theswimmers upon their arrival in the port of Peniche. After having receivedsilver trophies in recognition of their outstanding performance from the Mayor ofthe town of Peniche, the YoD coordinator presented the official YoD Ambassadorcertificates to the athletes. Miguel Arrobas said: “We want to spread themessage that every one of us needs to make a contribution towards dolphinconservation.” Nuno Vicente added: “Dolphin populations are in decline on aglobal scale. Therefore we want to raise awareness about dolphins and thethreats they face.”

Curious dolphins take a good look at the swimmers on their way to Peniche

Both swimmers were escorted by curiousdolphins during the crossing. The event was supported by the Municipality ofPeniche, which had organized the World Children’s Day and World Animal Day in2007 drawing public attention to the オプショナルツアー ドルフィン Year of the Dolphin. In the run up to the swim,both participants together with the Peniche Municipality had called upon companiesinvolved in the current 'Festival dos Sabores do Mar' to act as sponsors. Companieswere asked to donate 1 ? for every kilometre of the total crossing of 24kilometres. Miguel Arrobas and Nuno Vicente also contacted schools encouragingthem to present small projects such as drawings or short stories about the"Dolphins of Peniche".

The Portuguese version of the YoD Dolphin Manual was also launched at this event, and several hundred manuals were distributed to children. The Manual is available for download here.

Swimmers Miguel Arrobas (l.) and Nuno Vicente receive their nomination for YoD Special Ambassador from CMS's Veronika Lenarz

The YoD campaign does not only rely on the Parties tothe Convention, but also on the personal commitment of outstanding individuals.During their crossing of the English Channel set for 9 August, Nuno Vicente andMiguel Arrobas want to renew their mission for dolphin conservation.

See some Portuguese TV footage of the event:

Report shown on the 20pm news on RTP 1

Report shown on RTP N

Report shown on RTP 2

Threats to dolphins

Dolphins are endangered species. Not only do they face threats from fisheries and bycatch, they are also threatened by pollution and deliberate hunts.

World of dolphins

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