Welcome to Dolphin ARCHIVE! Link to the official YoD-Video Wild dolphins are intrinsically tied to our cultural history and awareness. Inhabiting the world's oceans and rivers, they are a living treasure of our blue planet. However, their survival is becoming increasingly difficult. To survive the 21st century, wild dolphins need clean and quiet oceans, marine protected areas and people who care. It must also be kept in mind that, ultimately, human survival too depends on intact ecosystems and biodiversity. The UN Convention on Migratory Species, together with its specialized agreements on dolphin conservation ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS and the WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, have declared 2007 the Year of the Dolphin. The United Nations, Governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and the private sector, namely TUI, are building a strong alliance to achieve a common objective: to protect wild dolphins and create an ocean home that is safe from harm. Crucial elements in achieving this are educating to create awareness of dolphin species and their situation, alerting and informing decision makers and involving local communities. Therefore, the Year of the Dolphin will be part of the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development. The campaign is also a tangible contribution towards meeting the goal of curbing the loss of wildlife by 2010, which all Governments have agreed on through the UN. The Patron of the Year of the Dolphin is H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. "The Year of the Dolphin gives me the opportunity to renew my firm commitment towards protecting marine biodiversity. With this strong initiative we can make a difference to save these fascinating marine mammals from the brink of extinction." H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco What is the YoD campaign about? The Year of the Dolphin campaign focuses on raising awareness of dolphins in the wild, the threats they face to their survival and actions that could help with their conservation and the protection of their habitats and ecosystems. As the campaign was developed under the aegis of the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals, whose mandate is the conservation of migratory wildlife, the campaign does not address or deal with captivity issues. We will be therefore welcoming the support of institutions and individuals that want to focus their proposed activities on wild dolphins and natural habitats, be it through educational activities, scientific research, fundraising or other activities.

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New MoU for the Conservation of Small Cetaceans and Manatees in Western Africa signed in Togo

CMS has acquired a new member of its family of regional species agreements ? an MoU to conserve small whales and manatees in western Africa. more

Humpback Whale freed from entanglement in fishing gear

On 10th September 2008, a large humpback whale was found entangled in a fishing net near Diani, Kenya. more
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If You Love to See Dolphins in Our Ocean, Don't feed them!!

YoD Warns of Dangers of Feeding Dolphins in the Wild more

Assessing Populations of Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins

The following is a media release about a meeting which was held at SPREP (Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme; www.sprep.org). more
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Fun learning with the 'Dolphins and Whales 3D' Edukit

This kit contains lots of information about whales and dolphins and can be downloaded for use in the classroom and for private purposes. more

YoD Ambassadors Open Water Portugal to swim across English Channel

Following their crossing at Peniche, Portugal in June, YoD Ambassadors and open water swimmers Miguel Arrobas and Nuno Vicente of Portugal have now accomplished another spectacular feat. They swam across the English Channel! more

Australia's Kimberley snubfin dolphins may be a new dolphin species

DNA samples taken from snubfin dolphins off the Kimberley coast may prove they are a new dolphin species or sub-species. more

Fisheries blamed for surge in deaths of dolphins and whales in British waters

Scientists have reported a surge in the number of dead whales, dolphins and porpoises washing up on Cornish shores after lethal encounters with nets and other fishing gear. more

Cape Verde, Santa Maria - Educational Dolphin Manuals distributed to school

On July 11th of 2008, the TUI Team Cape Verde visited Kim Barbosa School in Santa Maria. more

Muc Mhara - Ireland's smallest whale: 2nd IWDG International Whale Conference from 19-21 September 2008 at Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Killiney, Co Dublin

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group are pleased to announce their forthcoming conference on Ireland’s smallest whale ? Muc Mhara or the harbour porpoise. more

Whale-human-conflict: is it real?

In response to the global fisheries crisis, some claim that marine mammals, particularly the great whales, compete with humans for fish resources. more

YoD supports outstanding dolphin and whale conservation projects

In the new 'Priority Projects' section on this website, we highlight a number of especially valuable projects dealing with topics closely related to dolphin and whale conservation. more

YoD campaign remains strong in Kenya

In the ongoing Kenyan educational awareness campaign on dolphin protection, the continued focus is on the key target group, the schools. more

Portuguese swimmers Miguel Arrobas and Nuno Vicente appointed as Ambassadors of the yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin!

Olympic swimmer Miguel Arrobas and Nuno Vicente dedicated their crossing starting from the island of Berlenga Farilhoes to Peniche, to the cause of dolphin conservation. more
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Pier2Pier Initiative for Dolphins wins Prize

The dolphin conservation initiative at Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida, won the 'Doors to Diplomacy' prize, awarded to middle school and high school students around the world for outstanding web projects that teach others about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy. more

YoD Patrol Boat launched

In cooperation with the Kenya Wildlife Service, the YoD has launched a patrol boat to monitor activities of fishermen and dolphin watchers on the Kenyan coast. more

yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! - AN INSPIRATION ON KENYA`S TRANQUIL COAST

Bonn 25 April 2008 Last weekend saw three coastal villages in southern Kenya ? Shimoni, Vanga and Majoreni ? lead an inspiring celebration of the yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! programme for 2008. more

YoD Ambassador Thomas White interviewed on Whales-online.org

The author of "In defense of Dolphins - the new moral frontier" spoke to Margi Prideaux of Whales-online about his groundbreaking book. more

Focus on community dolphin conservation in Kenya

In 2008, the YoD in Kenya will focus on community-based conservation action, aiming for sustainable approaches to the use of marine resources. more

The YoD welcomes Professor Thomas White as Ambassador for 2008

Professor White is a Scientific Advisor to the Wild Dolphin Project, a research organization studying a community of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in the Bahamas. He is also an Adviser to the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. more
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New Conservation Initiative Launched for Florida’s Wild Dolphins

Davie, FL-March 7, 2008 The journalism class of Plantation High School is joining the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), as well as state, federal and international partners, in a campaign to raise awareness among youth of threats to dolphins, manatees and the marine environment throughout the State. more

YoD takes stock of top achievements 2007

The yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! 2007 has catalysed numerous activities in various fields, from education and awareness raising to fundraisers and concrete conservation action. more

YoD partners meet to discuss plans for rest of 2008

At the meeting at UN Campus in Bonn, Germany, the work plan for 2008 was discussed and a list of priority conservation projects accepted. more
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Prizes awarded to children and students for exceptional efforts to protect dolphins

Children from around the world, who have shown their commitment for dolphins as part of the yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! 2007, supported by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), have been awarded special prizes for their efforts. more

YoD event in Shimoni, Kenya

Global Vision International organized several events for the YoD in Kenya. Read their account.. more

CMS receives donation of 17.000 Euro from TUI

At the Boating Fair in Dusseldorf, CMS received a large donation for the yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! from TUI AG. more

New IMAX - movie on Whales and Dolphins coming soon

DOLPHINS AND WHALES 3D: Tribes of the Ocean will show a large variety of cetacean species, filmed exclusively in the wild, as they really are in their daily lives. more

Dominican Republic stops import of wild-caught dolphins

The government of the Dominican Republic has stopped the import of a dozen wild dolphins which were caught in a drivehunt near Taiji, Japan. Public protests may have influenced this decision. more

CMS Executive Secretary's interview with whales-online.org

Whales-online.org speaks to Mr Robert Hepworth, Executive Secretary with the UN's Convention for the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (also known as CMS), about the status and future of cetacean conservation. more

Young naturalist in Mumbai demonstrates formidable grassroots activism for dolphin conservation

In a self-motivated campaign that began in September of 2007, Mr. Kartik Shah, a young naturalist from Mumbai, India, has been making school kids in and around his city aware of the dolphins' plight and motivating them to become themselves active for dolphins and their realm, the ocean. more

Dolphin Fund supports CMS conservation projects

In a special yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! event on 4 November, the Dolphin Fund (DF) and Naturpuunt being the campaign co-coordinator in Belgium, presented results and activities as a contribution to dolphin conservation and awareness raising in that country. more

YoD Event in Watamu, Kenya

On November 3rd, 2007, the YoD awareness campaign was in Watamu, a Kenyan tourist resort and fishing community, in the endeavor to reach out to all Kenyans, particularly those living on the coastline and whose livelihoods and activities are dependent and have impact on the sea and marine ecology. more

CMS Standing Committee Welcomes Convention’s Progress and Two New Parties

Bonn - 9 November 2007 ? The 32nd Meeting of the CMS Standing Committee took place on 8-9 November at the UN Campus in Bonn. more

New Responses to Whales and Dolphins in Need: Towards Reducing Underwater Noise, Ship Strikes and By-catch in Marine Protected Areas

Dubrovnik / Croatia, 25 October ? The reduction of threats and the establishment of new marine protected areas were concluded to improve the conservation status of whales and dolphins in the Black and Mediterranean Seas. These resolutions were adopted at the Third Meeting of the Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black and Mediterranean Seas (ACCOBAMS) hosted by Croatia in Dubrovnik, 22-25 October 2007. For more information on the Agreement, see www.accobams.org more

yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin!: Foundation Laid for One of the Largest Agreements on Small Whales under CMS

Adeje,Tenerife/Spain, 20 October - During the West African Talks on Cetaceans and Their Habitats (WATCH), held from 16 ? 20 in Tenerife, Spain, the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) has created the framework for a major agreement on small cetaceans under its umbrella. more

Proceeds of Dolphin Day Dinner exceed 100.000 Euro!!!

On the evening of October 17th, the Palace Hotel in Noordwijk was the location for a great evening event dedicated to conserving the oceans: the Dolphin Day Dinner. more
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PIER2PIER ? Students’ initiative for wild dolphins in Florida

Jamie Aquino, a Journalism teacher at the Plantation High School in Florida, has started a program, named PIER2PIER, whereby students raise awareness of perils wild dolphins are threatened by. The first step will be... more

Loro Parque Fundacion signs agreement with Canary Islands UNESCO Center to sponsor WATCH and to promote Side Event

On the 1st of October, Loro Parque Fundacion and the UNESCO Center in Canary Islands presented a memorandum of agreement, therein agreeing to sponsor the WATCH celebration in Adeje (Tenerife). more

World Animal Day - Portugal celebrates the yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin!

Peniche/Portugal, 4 October ? The Municipality of Peniche, official supporter of this global campaign, is bringing together conservation bodies to promote dolphin conservation in Portugal. A scientific audience has been invited to attend workshops on dolphins to learn about current cetacean studies, whale watching and the reintroduction of marine mammals in Portugal. more

Initiative underway for Hector's Dolphins and Maui's Dolphins

Hector's and Maui's dolphins are New Zealand's marine Taonga (treasure). However, they are rapidly facing extinction due to human impacts. more

Lecture on dolphin personhood by Thomas White is well received

Bonn, September 25th. Prof. Thomas White of Loyola Marymount University in California held a lecture at the Academy for International Education (AIE) in Bonn. Prof. White has been studying the behaviour of dolphins over a long period of time, applying his philosophical/ethical background to his observations. more

Extension of yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! in 2008 marked by UNEP-supported documentary “Dolphins & Whales 3D”

Bonn, 13 September ? A spectacular documentary "DOLPHINS & WHALES 3D: Tribes of the Ocean" will signal the extension of the yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! into 2008. It will make its debut on IMAX 3D screens in the US in February 2008 before expanding into Europe. It will be released in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). This part of the 3D trilogy will highlight the need to protect these endangered marine mammal species. more

Online Dolphin Watching for the Benefit of Projects to the yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! - CMS presents official Video

Bonn, 11 September ? CMS and its partners today launched the official video for the yod2007.org - ARCHIVE - we love dolphin! with spectacular scenes of these marine mammals, which is meant to promote dolphin conservation. The 3? minute video is available for download on www.yod2007.org with a link to the internet portal iTunes and can be downloaded for a fee of 2,49 EUR or equivalent, 40% of which will go towards dolphin projects. iTunes’ global reach guarantees the best possible commercial success for the benefit of the dolphins. more

Threats to dolphins

Dolphins are endangered species. Not only do they face threats from fisheries and bycatch, they are also threatened by pollution and deliberate hunts.

World of dolphins

Click her to view the world map of dolphins


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