Ambassadors for the YoD

What is a YoD Ambassador?

YoD Ambassadors are eminent personalities ?people in the public spotlight or famous for their specific engagement andachievements related to oceans and the raising of awareness for the conservationof whales and dolphins and the YoD.
They are asked to accept the “YoDAmbassadorship”, in recognition of their prominence and their activitiesrelated to the conservation of whales and dolphins. YoD Ambassadors will beasked to attend relevant meetings, i.e. press conferences or other publicevents.
YoD Ambassadors will promote the cause of the conservation of whales anddolphins through their work and their contacts with the press and media, thuscontributing to enhancement of the public's knowledge of these marine mammals and the threatsthey face, and also raising pressure on decision makers worldwide.

Miguel Arrobas and Nuno Vicente

With their project OpenWaterPortugal (, swimmers Miguel Arrobas and Nuno Vicente support the YoD by raising awareness and, where possible, funds for dolphin conservation work. They have successfully concluded numerous open water swims, e.g. from the Portuguese island Berlenga Farilhoe to the port town of Peniche (see news-section for article). In August 2008, they will cross the English Channel.

Professor Thomas White

Thomas I. White is the Hilton Professor ofBusiness Ethics and Director of the Center for Ethics and Business at LoyolaMarymount University in Los Angeles, California. His most recent research has focused on the philosophicalimplications-especially the ethical implications-of the scientific researchon dolphins. 

ProfessorWhite is a Scientific Advisor to the Wild Dolphin Project, a researchorganization studying a community of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in the Bahamas.He is also an Adviser to the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

Hisbook 'In Defense of Dolphins: The New Moral Frontier' [Blackwell Publishing, 2007] addresses the ethical issues connected withhuman/dolphin interaction?for example, the deaths and injuries of dolphins inconnection with the human fishing industry and the captivity of dolphins in theentertainment industry. He argues that the scientificevidence is now strong enough to support the claim that dolphins are, likehumans, self-aware, intelligent beings with emotions, personalities and thecapacity to control their actions. Accordingly, White argues, dolphins shouldbe regarded as "nonhuman persons" and valued as individuals. Whitealso concludes that, from an ethical perspective, the injury, deaths andcaptivity of dolphins at the hands of humans are wrong.

Christina Branco (Singer)

Portuguese fado singerCristina Branco gave a tributary concert for The Dolphin Fund in the PalaceHotel in Noordwijk, in the Netherlands.500 spectators enjoyed the artiste's remarkable voice, her melancholic andlively texts and music.

Cristina Branco explained her role as ambassador of the Dolphin Fund and herpersonal commitment to save these charismatic marine mammals. After the concert Cristina Branco took the time to meet representatives of theDolphin Fund and CMS.

YoD Associate NatureNet Europe, the Coastal Union (EUCC)and the European Cetacean Society (ECS) decided to establish a Dolphin Fundpartnership to support the オプショナルツアー ドルフィン Year of the Dolphin. The Dolphin Fund is apartnership for cooperation between national and international NGOs. It isoperated by NGOs in various countries, the National Partners. The allocation offunds to specific projects will be announced later this year.

Andreas Hanakamp (Sailor)

Austrian Sailor Andreas Hanakamp has been passionate about sailing and everything to do with the ocean since age 12.

He has had many sportive successes, including competition in the Olympics.

In 2006, he and his team sailed across the Atlantic in an effort to raise awareness for cetacean conservation ahead of the annual IWC meeting, where there was a chance of pro-whaling nations gaining a majority for the first time.

Christof Wandratsch and Christian Keller (Swimmers)

Christof Wandratsch is the world record holder for crossing the English Channel while Christian Keller is a four-time olympic competitor and World Champion. They are using their publicity to raise awareness for the plight of the dolphins, and also some money.

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